Alcoholism and addiction are tricky diseases. They are very complicated to understand, and many people who have never been through them might never understand them. For people suffering from alcoholism and addiction, there are resources in Santa Barbara and the surrounding areas that can help. While AA and NA are great programs, not everyone will benefit from the ‘anonymous’ group camaraderie that these programs promote. Some people will do better with private counseling, while others will  need an inpatient program or intensive treatment facility to help them out.

If the addiction is too severe, there are medically supervised treatment programs that patients can attend in the surrounding Santa Barbara areas. This is important because there are a couple of drug addictions that have worse withdrawals than any of the effects that occur while taking the drug. Also, it is well known in the professional rehabilitation community that alcoholism is one of the few diseases where the withdrawal can actually kill you faster than the disease itself. Therefore, there are instances where medical supervision is necessary for alcoholism and addiction recovery, and the resources are out there for the people who need them.

Santa Barbara alcoholism and addiction resources are not all created equally. Some people will find a certain program or therapist to serve them better than others. Therefore, whether you are seeking treatment solutions for yourself or someone in your life, you need to make sure that the solution fits the person. If you’re not a group person, you will probably fare better in one-on-one treatment. If seeing other people and knowing their struggles are similar helps you make it through the day, a group treatment program might be effective. It’s all about finding what works for the person who is undergoing alcoholism or addiction treatment or counseling.

Alcoholism and addiction are serious mental and physical diseases that are about much more than the drugs and the alcohol. Professional rehabilitation specialists and counselors understand that there are underlying issues and the drugs and alcohol are only symptoms of the condition. People need to be sure to find resources that are trained in alcoholism and addiction recovery specifically so that they can get the best possible treatment that there is. Make sure that you take the time to check out all the options that you have and figure out what works best for your needs or the needs of the person that you are finding help for.

About The Author: For over 10 years, Dr. Adina has been studying drug addiction relapse, self injurious behaviors, alcoholism and addiction.  For more information, please visit