Sometimes, one of the hardest things individuals encounter when looking for a therapist is finding the right therapist for you.  A Santa Barbara Counseling Center is one option to consider when looking for a therapist.  A Santa Barbara Counseling Center generally has a number of different therapists, some may have Master’s degrees, while others may hold a Doctoral degree.  Many of these centers also have interns working for them, as a certain number of supervised hours are necessary when one is trying to obtain licensure as a therapist.  This is a great advantage for anyone experiencing financial hardship, as an intern will not command the same fee for service as someone who is licensed.  A Santa Barbara Counseling Center will also usually offer group and family therapy, as well as individual and couples therapy.

A possible drawback in going through a Santa Barbara Counseling Center is that you may not have a choice in which therapist will be assigned to you.  If this is a concern , it might serve you well to seek a therapist in private practice.  You can ask people that you are comfortable with if they know anyone who specializes in your particular issue or problem.  If the idea of telling someone that you are entering therapy is terrifying, the Internet is a great option.  Many therapists now have websites, which can be a wealth of information about themselves, their practice, and their particular style of therapy.  Also, you can search directly for someone who specializes in the area that is right for you.  Psychology Today is a wonderful resource, as it has a directory of therapists and a profile for each therapist listed.

This is just one of the choices to consider before you even begin therapy.  If a Santa Barbara Counseling Center sounds like it would fit your needs, you may want to consider The Family Therapy Institute, New Beginnings Counseling Center, Full Spectrum Recovery and Hope Counseling Center, just to name a few.  If you would like a little bit more choice in who you choose to be your therapist, then do a little bit of research by asking trusted friends and family or searching by specialty on the Internet.