My therapeutic orientation is psychodynamic and therefore works on addressing the underlying, often unconscious issues that are manifesting as symptoms or problematic behavior. Specifically, I utilize an object relations approach to therapy, which helps clients gain insight into their internal world, their patterns of relating and attaching, and their use of psychological defense mechanisms.

This type of therapy rests on the principles that our personalities are the result of many different developmental stages. What happens when we are infants, children, adolescents, and young adults shapes the way we see the world, the kind of relationships that we have, the way we feel about ourselves in relations to others, and the needs we seek to have fulfilled.

Through the process of therapy, you will be encouraged to get in touch with the past in order to re-examine and process the formative and sometimes painful experiences unique to you. As treatment unfolds and progresses, you will have a greater understanding and awareness of your internal world, your unconscious motivations, and your choice in relationships. As rigid and maladaptive schemas are abandoned, you will experience more fulfillment and freedom in important areas.