Excessive carbohydrate consumption causes the insulin level in the blood to increase, which reduces the blood sugar level.  Research suggests that a decrease in blood sugar stimulates hunger and thus there is an intense desire to eat more food.  Through functional magnetic resonance imaging, researchers observed intense activation of the nucleus accumbens (a critical brain region involved with addictive behaviors) after participants consumed a carbohydrate-rich food with a high glycemic index.  Chronic, excessive consumption of the latter food type may trigger the reward and addiction regions of the brain leading to food cravings.

How we think about our experiences is not necessarily a reality, yet our thoughts and the stories we construct from these thoughts can increase suffering.


People’s deepest and most irrational convictions about onesself and one’s life are incredibly stubborn.  Once something is learned and then intermittently reinforced it is deeply resistant to extinction.  However, through repetition and new experiences new neural pathways are formed and beliefs about the self and the world can be modified.

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