In session with a client the other day, I caught myself thinking about what I needed to pick up from the store for dinner. Then I wondered if the Farmers Market was open, I always loved their flowers. Wait! Before you judge, let me ask you….⁣

Did you forget the name of the person you were just introduced to, what you just read, or how you are all of a sudden scrolling social media when you had meant to be working?⁣

The answer is YES, for all of us, though our version of the above may be a little different. This is commonly called mind wandering and we have an area of our brain responsible for this. It can’t be undone, but you can work on decreasing how much time you spend in it. ⁣

And, btw, you want to work on this! People who have higher levels of activity in this brain network experience greater levels of anxiety and depression and are less likely to be successful at reaching their goals.⁣

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