How to Step Into the Life You’ve Been Waiting For ft. Dr. Adina McGarr-Knabke

When life gets busy and stressful, our minds can sometimes get the best of us and make tough situations even more difficult than they already are. It’s easy to let anxiety take over your ability to think rationally in challenging circumstances. That’s why it is incredibly important to continually work to improve your mindset so that you can handle difficult situations when they arise. In turn, you can drastically change your whole outlook on life.

Dr. Adina McGarr-Knabke is a psychologist in private practice. Dr. Adina provides psychotherapy and consulting to help busy and professional women improve how they feel about themselves.

Her own therapy experience drove her to want to become a psychologist for others, providing a welcoming and transformational space for her patients. Firsthand, she has seen how the meaningful relationships she’s created with her patients have affected their lives for the better and how impactful having a safe space for your frustrations and worries can be.

In this episode, Dr. Adina helps us identify the common ways that our brain can “trap” us into unhealthy patterns of anxiety and how to overcome them. You will find out how to recognize these patterns in your thought process and learn to truly show up as the best version of yourself every day.

Listen now to hear the three ways you could be self-sabotaging yourself and how to change your habits for the better!